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No Semen, No Life. As "sperm also love to drink Karaa, a large amount topped even there was really interested", with cute practice swing and its friendly personality, what kind of men immediately captivated on to become semen play the exciting small devil gal-Hazuki Leila there, gathered and surrounded by the corps "Suggoo dick is, 's there Truly Mmm. Layla watch chewy you want to" take off the clothes in the tension increased, showing off to Bra Beat the men in masturbation. Then, a large amount of semen will be rewarded in the soil the facial in white, looking forward to the semen as playing in the water, the continuous fine drink received by the smile department N Mushaburitsukize ~ Vero to Dashichi ● this in the tension increased. "Gokkunmo, topped even the best" and from beginning to end in a happy a state, devoted to honest hedonism to feelings and body, semen party of Nuqui unlimited spear unlimited ★ Pichi Hatachi GAL.

No Semen,No Life. 「精子飲むのも大好きだからぁ、大量ぶっかけもすっごい興味あります」と、可愛い素振りとその人懐っこい性格で、どんな男性もすぐ虜にしちゃうザーメン遊びにワクワクな小悪魔ギャル・葉月レイラが、集まった軍団に取り囲まれると「すっごーおちんちんが、めっちゃあるじゃ~ん。レイラ観てシコシコしてぇ」とテンション高めで服を脱ぎ、見せつけオナニーで男達を昂ぶらせる。そして、大量の精液で美顔を真っ白に汚してあげれば、ザーメンを水遊びのように楽しみ、テンション高めでベロを出しち●こにむしゃぶりつきぜ~んぶ笑顔で受け止め連続精飲。「ごっくんも、ぶっかけも最高」と終始ご機嫌な様子で、キモチとカラダに正直な快楽主義に徹する、ヌキ放題ヤリ放題★ぴちぴちハタチGALのザーメンパーティー。

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