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야동 After his father's death, from the mother did not cheer 塞ぎ込み. Can help if your parents could have in the situation was severe. Since ancient times in the good father brother Uncle take to my mother, my mother gradually regained its vigor. One day, my mother and uncle came to my home. Accepts two I couldn't help when my mother was in trouble and began living a strange. But first uncle, gradually started out nature, piled up debt in the liquor and gaming. It's the sudden change in the situation was witnessed my mother's obscene appearance. I had things to do at home working, would so witnessed the appearance that 嬲tte mother, uncle and a man. Tied up and 嬲りもの man, had been given the full force. I panicked and left the field. Not his uncle, mother asking that when functions were. My mother spoke was ever his uncle, was sold to a man for money. And like MOM I'm sorry and tsumutta eyes while saying. And making up his mind like hugging and end love son's crotch looks in the mouth.


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