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Despite the cool and neat looks, sexual experience fewer of Honjo bell. In order to bring out the potential of such her hidden potential erotic, individualistic director team of 4 people to Gekisha a "Slut" on the theme! By increasing draw a Honjo bell with a different type of Slut in each, her new charm is unearthed! ! You Te Yarare in which "Addicted actress Rin Honjo" like?

クールで端正なルックスとは裏腹に、性的経験は少なめな本庄鈴。そんな彼女の秘めたるエロのポテンシャルを引き出すべく、4名の個性派監督陣が『痴女』をテーマに激写する! それぞれでタイプの違う痴女で本庄鈴を描き上げることで、彼女の新たな魅力が発掘される!! あなたはどの『痴女優・本庄鈴』にヤラレてみたい?

by JavFast, Javfinder