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To investigate the cases of women who live in Tokyo's 23 wards are addicted now, the ecology of the report & SEX Madeshi Chau planning ☆ [Toshima-ku] of filled with beautiful neat to seep into every day arcade aimed at professional gamer gamers neighborhood NO.1 tinkering the Yochichi Yoshiri! / Of the one-chan [Shinjuku] leads to ejaculation the man in the high-speed hip pretend that was trained in dance unequaled lascivious dancer / tilt-chan [Chuo-ku] adult Nampa spot Ginza Corridor Street in frustration beauty that consuming devour the reverse Nan → handsome Married / dream-chan [Minato-ku] sexy beauties of I cup breasts are spoiled good! Was a master to Mitsuga Taburakashi a rich uncle! / Arisa-chan ... the popular series [Tokyo's 23 wards Pakoru women] DVD of the first series! !

東京23区に暮らす女子達が今ハマっている事案を調査し、その生態をレポート& SEXまでしちゃう企画☆【豊島区】プロゲーマーを目指し毎日ゲーセンに入り浸る美形ニートのゲーマー界隈NO.1の良乳良尻をいじくりまわす!/ののかちゃん【新宿区】ダンスで鍛えた高速腰フリで男を射精に導く絶倫スケベダンサー/あおりちゃん【中央区】大人のナンパスポット銀座コリドー街で逆ナン→イケメンを貪りつくす欲求不満な美人妻/ゆめちゃん【港区】Iカップ爆乳のセクシー美女は甘え上手!金持ちおじさんをたぶらかし貢がせる達人だった!/ありさちゃん…人気シリーズ【東京23区パコる女たち】DVD化第1弾!!

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