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Byte daughter series appeared in the 20th anniversary work! This time pick off the poster girl that strive to bytes in midsummer! Pies everyone in the "sea of ​​the house of Yoshishirimusume," "sensitive daughter of the gas station," "of the stall-keeper of the festival healthy daughter," "beer garden of the beautiful daughter" a total of four people of the showgirl! In addition, the down takes plenty of 309 minutes! Ultra-luxurious 8 hours to deliver a two-disc set with omnibus! !

バイト娘シリーズが20周年記念作品で登場! 今回は真夏にバイトに励む看板娘を狙い撃ち! 「海の家の美尻娘」「ガソリンスタンドの敏感娘」「祭りの的屋の元気娘」「ビアガーデンの美人娘」合計4人の看板娘に全員中出し! しかも、撮り下ろしはたっぷり309分! 総集編付き2枚組でお届けする超豪華な8時間!!

by JavFast, Javfinder