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Rino is a veteran wife in the sixth year of marriage. As a housewife, sometimes the free time in the daytime without a husband goes to aerobics and yoga and it is very slender and beautiful. I took it to a love hotel and took off without taking a shower and gave it a go. White bra and floral shorts match very clean images and it is very sexy. Pubic hair is very scarp because the area is narrow and thinner so that the dick is visible. I caressed a sensitive nipple and a clitoris while holding a cock, I got caught in a woman on top posture, I got stuck in a normal position ... etc etc ... The wife who felt too much caught for a while after pulling out the cock. Must see the neat mate going crazy with nymphos! Love juice nurulur's thick incompetent sex!

りのは結婚6年目のベテラン奥様。専業主婦ということもあり、旦那のいない昼間の自由時間はエアロビやヨガへ通っているということもあってスレンダーでとてもクビレが綺麗です。ラブホテルへ連れ込んでシャワーも浴びずに脱がせてヤってやりました。白いブラジャーと花柄のショーツが清楚なイメージとマッチしてとてもセクシーです。陰毛は面積が狭くて薄めなのでアソコが丸見えになってとってもスケベです。敏感な乳首とクリトリスを愛撫しながらチンポを咥えさせたり、騎乗位でハメたり、正常位でハメたり…etc 感じすぎた奥様はチンポを抜いたあともしばらく痙攣がとまりませんでした。清楚な奥様が淫乱によがり狂う姿は必見!愛液ヌルヌルの濃厚不倫セックスです!

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