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E'! Air conditioning of school failure! ? Seriously worst I'll ~! Defenseless girls who are against the fan in the back of the Muremure skirt can not withstand the heat. Ah! This is a miracle! ? Full view is kamikaze pants sweaty in the skirt of the fan! Way of knowing Nante have been sniffed by men without any ... can not withstand the heat, the girls went became a bold appearance ....

えーっ!学校のエアコンが故障!?マジ最悪だよ~!暑さに耐えきれずムレムレなスカートの奥に扇風機を当ててる無防備な女子生徒たち。あっ!これは奇跡!? 扇風機の神風でスカートの中の汗ばんだパンツが丸見え!男子に覗かれているなんて知る由も無く… 暑さに耐えきれず、女子たちは大胆な姿になって行き…。

by JavFast, Javfinder