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SOD female employee Koike's 4th issue is planning a request based on hot projects received from users! Parent-child writing brush play, home visit, customs play and Koike who was passive until now will work hard for the user. For your first experience, it is a must-see shameless service! And after finishing shooting, Koike announces a rare event.

SOD女子社員小池さらの4本目はユーザーの皆様から頂いた熱い企画を元にリクエスト企画を実施!童貞筆下ろし・混浴プレイ・自宅訪問・風俗プレイと今まで受身だった小池がユーザー様の為に頑張ります。初めての体験に、恥じらいながらもご奉仕する様は必見です!そして撮影を終えると小池からまさかの重大発表が…。 by JavFast, Javfinder