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This is no longer bullying! ? Rebellion and violence are commonplace as it always relieves stress! The boss who was the target of the female boss is being bullied thoroughly That fucking female boss who will take revenge before quitting! “It ’s not ridiculous, but it ’s not good.” “I ’m sorry” zzzz.

これはもはやイジメ!?いつもストレス解消の如く叱責、暴力は当たり前!女上司の標的になったボクは徹底的にいじめられている もう辞めよう だったら辞める前に復讐してやるあのクソ女上司!「あら気が利くじゃない、でもヌルイし不味いわね」「す、すいません」zzzz。

by JavFast, Javfinder