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This project approached "stores nationwide" with "Television Program Tay" and negotiated with "cute shop clerks working in stores", that is, "signboard girls". It is a documentary project aiming at "AV appearance of rumored sign girl in town". ① This time is Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture. One wagon car in a parking lot in a large facility not far from the station. Opened a crepe shop with a kitchen car (mobile sales car). ② Nail crunch with blonde! This is it! THE gal! ! Yuki-ki-chan is a similar chan. Is it possible to bake crepes with this nail? Www ③ I'm working hard with a manager and two people on a tripod. I know I'm not good at crepe making, so I use SNS to attract customers.で は It ’s just a crepe shop ♪ A girl of your age is really hard ♪ Suggest a side job. I took off my skin w⑤ I'm in a good mood after drinking my favorite sake. Very sensitive gal ♪ If you stroke the whole body and turn it around, the girl will have a cute voice with a sweet voice ♪ If you taste the gal with your tongue, you will taste squirt w But the body warped in the warp and rolled out ♪ If it pierced inside, it was exhausted and exhausted ♪


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