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I don't know if it's a lie or true, but the dark rumor "Urban Legend" that doesn't come to light in this world. Among them, there was an “too erotic” urban legend that could never be broadcast…. We conducted an assault interview on the so-called “Ero Too Urban Legend”. [Ero city legend file ④ Cyber ​​exposure of indiscriminate erotic selfie distribution on the street! ! <Catch the D Drop Slut! ! >] First, we were following the legendary customs woman, "Toothless Blow Woman", but suddenly images were sent to smartphones while collecting information! ! If you take a terrifying peek, erotic images of the big breasts valley of the selfie! ! Apparently we are using D Drop to send data within a 10 meter radius! ? Speak from one end to a woman with a big breast like a picture near us! ! Change the subject of survey to capture erotic selfie women! ! Erotic selfie that is sent as if we laugh at us who are not found easily, but also the degree of extreme increases! ! Is this lascivious body really ... just a mischief ... and when I was giving up! ! Discover a beautiful woman with outstanding milk that stands out! ! “You are ... this breast!” “Yes… the first time I was called out”, this is the motive of the air slut and the interview starts to see if the milk in this image is real! ! What! ! He had the propensity to see and enjoy the reactions of the men who sent their erotic selfies! ! Due to the troubled propensity of the beauty of this H cup beauty big breasts, there will be a man who was erected unexpectedly on the street looking at the sent erotic images and seen with suspicious eyes from the surroundings! ! Men who received such humiliation! ? I have to punish the beauty of this beauty big tits! !


by JavFast, Javfinder