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It is a plan to move around each university in a mobile type tent and approach sex with a college student of Imadoki in a "night-time program to hear troubles with sex" shooting sex! The goal is the complete conquest of 137 universities in Tokyo! ! ! ■ Report Report 1 A tent is set up on the truck bed to give a sense of variety! Call a female college student around the university and listen to your worries with a mobile tent! And, strategy to bring to sex seriously! 2 What I bothered this time is fostering students who will open up the future! "T University"! The characteristics of the T large girls in the preliminary survey are many child-care teachers and children who wish to take a teaching job, and there are many fashionable girls in the suburbs, though the university is in the suburbs! Schedule is parting in part-time and practice! apparently! 3 Start researching around the university with director (photographer) and Kenta of AV actor immediately! A beautiful and erotic beautiful fashion girl is on the way from the station to the university! That there was such a paradise in the suburbs ... Expectations swelled that it is likely to be a fun location today! 4 The amazing material that I found immediately! It's a neat clothes, but it's a beautiful girl who seems to be jealous of the eroticism hidden inside! Her name is Rika-chan, 19 years old (2nd grader). Rika is practicing music to become a nursery teacher! I was invited to perform a song and keyboard harmonica ... but not good! "I'm going to be a child-friendly nurse (laughs)." 5 Innocent and innocent or not chan. Her trouble (traumatic) is that she broke up due to the lack of experience with the man who was associated with high school students and H. It becomes a trauma, and I have never experienced other men. This is a great opportunity! Let the AV actor clean up the trauma!


by JavFast, Javfinder