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Two men and women who are seniors and juniors of club activities challenged the king game with prize money! Can you keep the friendship between men and women if you try to make a terrible H order? In the erotic missions that attack one after another ... what to do! ? Usually seniors and juniors who are polite clubs ... crazy and raw SEX cum!

部活の先輩と後輩だという男女2人に賞金付きの王様ゲームに挑戦してもらった!際どいHな命令を仕込んでみたら男女の友情は保てるのか?次々と襲うエロミッションに…さぁどうする!? 普段は礼儀正しい部活の先輩と後輩が…夢中で生ハメ中出しSEX!

by JavFast, Javfinder