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Fascinated by the lovely smile "Nagase Yū, the 20-year-old girl into the AV industry as prestige exclusive Pornstar! The girl jumped into the new world, have a strong ambition shows skin in front of the camera! They projected a calm mind yen a questioning mind to attract the gaze of the eyes, people G-Cup bust, a new pleasure. "Extra" dirty beauty first shot girl both Rookie of the year away from the body the aura starts! First time riddled with a running stimulation to the body, even a sudden change! Eyes melted and personal pleasure and reach orgasms over and over again! 2018 prestige weapon "Nagase Yū, looking ahead to the AV industry, now flying.

愛くるしい微笑みを魅せる20歳の美少女『永瀬 みなも』がプレステージ専属女優としてAV界に進出!強い向上心を持って新たな世界に飛び込んだ美少女がカメラの前に素肌をさらけ出す!穏やかな心を映し出すような円らな瞳、人々の視線を集めるGカップのバスト、新たな快楽への探求心…。規格外の淫美なカラダと新人離れしたオーラを併せ持つ美少女の初撮りがスタート!初めてだらけな空間でも、カラダに刺激が走れば一瞬にして豹変!とろけた目をして快感をかみ締め、幾度となく絶頂へ到達!2018年プレステージの最終兵器『永瀬 みなも』がAV業界の頂点を見据えて今、羽ばたく…。

by JavFast, Javfinder