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Seduced men by the small devil tech that prestige exclusive actress "Suzumura Airi" has before! Business trip with a yearning boss who works in the same company! A single room is reserved as a dog to have a night together .... Persuasion to persuade the hesitation boss to make strategy tonight! Appeal starts with wet hair after bathing and in a yukata figure! If there is alcohol in the body that has burned, the victory is at hand! If you start showing off with the electric massage which you have brought and you start masturbation, Ji ○ is a gachigachi! Heading with sexy eyes and jealousy, no enemies! Targeted prey should not miss Miss cheat class erotically enjoy the 5 unavoidable situations of erection by "Suzumura Airi" ♪

プレステージ専属女優『鈴村 あいり』が持ち前の小悪魔テクで男たちをあざとく誘惑!同じ会社で働く憧れの上司との出張!一夜を共にするべくドジっ子を装い一部屋だけ予約…。ためらう上司を強引に説得し今夜作戦決行!お風呂上がりの濡れ髪と、はだけた浴衣姿でアピール開始!火照った体にお酒が入れば勝利は目前!持参してきた電マで見せつけオナニーを始めればチ○コはガチガチに!セクシーな眼差しと卑猥な腰つきで向かうところ敵なし!狙った獲物は逃さないチート級にエロ可愛い『鈴村 あいり』による勃起不可避な5シチュエーションをお楽しみ下さい♪

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