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This pick up area is Akihabara Station! There are many men in town, and it is difficult to meet beautiful women and it is difficult to pick up. Judging that it would be difficult for ordinary girls, and aiming for a girl in Akihabara to aim at a girl in a cafe or girl's bar. Even though I was calling, "Because I'm at work ... Please stop the camera" and etc. are treated lightly and failure continues. There was also a kind maid girl who listens to the story brightly. And cleverly refused. At least contact only! So I got a contact by force ... "I will contact you if you get the permission from the store (laughs)" said that she left with an uneasy word. After all, it was only her who heard the talk on this day by day ... At that time, when the day was going to be over, I received an incoming call from the daytime maid girl .... Look forward to the main story!


by JavFast, Javfinder