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Director: Togo Lu sisters Series: - Manufacturer: Night food company Label: HHH group Genre: restraint, humiliation, devil, occupation various, rape, sample animation Product code: oyc 220 When I wake up my limbs are restrained in a strange room. A man comes in the room but I do not remember. A man explains the situation to a confused girl. Girls who can not understand appeal that they want detention. However, a man does not respond to his expectation, touching his body, a girl who resists but is also detained and can not escape can brawl his body. The behavior of men gets steadily bold and the girls are caught with cunnies and hands, and finally the heart breaks desperately and apologizes, but it is too late. I'm fucked being squished!

監督: 戸愚呂姉妹 シリーズ: —- メーカー: お夜食カンパニー レーベル: HHHグループ ジャンル: 拘束,辱め,鬼畜,職業色々,強姦,サンプル動画 品番: oyc220 目を覚ますと見知らぬ部屋で手足は拘束されている。部屋に男が入ってくるが見覚えがない。戸惑う女子に男が状況を説明。理解出来ない女子は拘束を外してほしいと懇願。しかし男はその期待には応えず体を触りだし、抵抗するが拘束され逃げる事もできない女子は体をいじられまくる。男の行動はどんどん大胆になり女子はクンニや手マンでイカされまくり、ついに心は折れ必死に謝るがもう手遅れ。犯されイカされまくってしまう!

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