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Uchiyama has been married for two years. After marriage, I came to Tokyo from Fukuoka Prefecture and got used to the life of a full-time housewife, I thought that I could spend a smooth married couple life, but in fact every day I see the face of my husband who was exhausted at work He says he feels lonely on days when there is no point of contact with the neighbors and the conversation ends without talking to anyone. And such

内山は2年間結婚しています。 結婚後、福岡県から東京に来て、専業主婦の生活に慣れて、夫婦生活がスムーズに過ごせると思っていましたが、実は毎日疲れ果てた夫の顔を見ています 職場で、彼は隣人との接点がなく、誰とも話さずに会話が終了する日に孤独を感じると言います。 など

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