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It was thanks to Mr. Sakai, my boss I respect, that I was able to continue working after marriage. Besides being able to do the work, both personality and faithfulness from his subordinates were a thick director, I had a longing. However, the director had an incredible secret. The night that remained in the office with the director and two people in order to prepare a surprise to colleagues leaving Kotobu, suddenly revealed the true nature. Sakai, who was supposed to be the ideal boss, started rubbing my ass like a child as he returned.

私が結婚後も仕事を続けられたのは、尊敬する上司である酒井部長のおかげでした。仕事が出来るだけでなくお人柄も部下からの信望も厚い部長に、私は憧れを抱いていました。しかし、部長には信じられない秘密がありました。寿退社する同僚へのサプライズを仕込む為に部長と二人でオフィスに残った夜、突然本性を現したのです。理想の上司だったはずの酒井部長が、まるで子供に戻ったかのように私のお尻を無我夢中で揉み始めて…。 by JavFast, Javfinder