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In order to resolve her husband's shortage of exercise, Mr. and Mrs. Hosho Ara who started running with her husband's client · Kayama. Kamiyama, a widower, holds a long absence after a long absence, in an innocent figure that shrinks the distance between Milumyur Time and Familiarity .... Her body, which had not been loved by her husband as much as to say at all, will be swallowed by the wave of pleasant sensation trying resistance. Relations between the two who cross the line and continue running away. Every time I saw you was shedding a sweat of joy

夫の運動不足を解消する為、夫の取引先・加山と一緒にランニングを始めた星奈夫妻。みるみるタイムと親しさの距離を縮めてくるあいの無邪気な姿に、男やもめの加山は久しぶりの劣情を催して…。全くといっていいほど夫に愛されて無かった彼女の肉体は、抵抗を試みるも快感の波に飲み込まれてしまう。一線を越え、暴走を続ける二人の関係。逢う度に悦びの汗を流していたのだが… by JavFast, Javfinder