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Shame Mature Woman Housewife / Housewife Big Tits Solowork Cuckold / Cuckold / NTR Digital Memo Sample Movie Calendar Gift Part number: jul042 It has been three years since I married Saori, a colleague of the company. It was Mr. Ozawa who attracted us. However, the general manager is still single, and the next move will also serve as a sesame, so he goes with his wife to help. A few days after the move, the manager told me that he had an affair with a married woman. The director said seriously and advised me that I should love it with the intention of taking it away. At that time, without knowing that it would come down to me

羞恥 熟女 人妻・主婦 巨乳 単体作品 寝取り・寝取られ・NTR デジモ サンプル動画 カレンダープレゼント 品番: jul042 私は会社の同僚だったさおりと結婚して三年になります。私たちの仲を引き寄せてくれたのは小沢部長でした。しかし、部長は未だ独身で今度の引っ越しもゴマすりを兼ね、妻と一緒に手伝いに行く程です。その引っ越しから数日経った後、部長は人妻と不倫をしていると僕に打ち明けてきました。部長は本気と言うから、私は奪うつもりで愛すればいいとアドバイスをしました。その時はまさか自分の身に降りかかってくるとも知らずに

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