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When I was a student, I was studying hard. Priority in myself ... Studying No. 1 and studying No. 2. Anyway studying. Even though there are men who are interested, I've only studied without learning to "I have to study." The surrounding children were early in experience, I felt like I was leaving myself but "I do not betray studying ..." I always encouraged you thought. Recently I got tired of myself .... I was struck by Nanpa and was also releasing stress, but I guess that is the limit. I want to see a different world. It started about 2 months ago. Just when I thought of that kind of thing, I was thrilled and immediately I got excited at the hotel but I finished my first experience. First time sex ... It hurts so much but it feels good. I could not forget that feeling, I remembered my first experience and started masturbating, but it was missing. After all it is important to touch the body and the body. I think that there are also places where experiences are less and less, but I will try my hardest. So ... please make me feel good. Please.


by JavFast, Javfinder