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Mayu Saito is 25 years old. I am sending my days to practice as a young lady in the inn at my parents house. Mayuki says seriously about his work, regardless of her parents' home. Like his job, he was also sincere about having a relationship with a man, only two people experienced in association, he seems to have been associated with the previous boyfriend for about four years. Although Mayu saw it seems to be unrelated to such AV, in fact it is interested in playing a little abnormal play like tools like SM

斎藤真由は25歳です。 私は私の両親の家の宿で若い女性として練習する日を送っています。 マユキは親の家に関係なく、彼の仕事について真剣に言います。 彼の仕事のように、彼は男性との関係についても誠実で、二人だけが会った経験があり、彼は約4年間前の彼氏と付き合っているようだ。 MayuはAVとは無関係のように見えましたが、実際SMのようなツールのような少し異常なプレイに興味があります

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