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Haruka who has a bewitching atmosphere somewhere behind her pretty smile. As you may have noticed, this is actually her second appearance. Last time she decided to appear in AV without being satisfied with the sex with her boyfriend. It seems that this time I applied without forgetting the last intense sex. This time Haruka wants to have sex. Let's go ahead and shoot. When she caresses her body carefully, she shakes her body and pants with a sexy voice. The sensitivity is not changed. A thick caress, and her face and face became torrent, and when she stirred her with her finger, she made a squeaky sound and moistened it. If you give out the actor's power, Haruka will show you skillful fellatio using your tongue dexterously while making a sound. When I gently kissed my mouth and added it at the missionary position, I could get drunk with pleasure by grabbing the pillow just by shaking my waist loosely.


by JavFast, Javfinder