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This work is a real documentary work that is fascinated by a luscious luscious lady. [Prolog] Chiba is in front of Matsudo Station. Even though the season is already autumn, the sunshine is almost the same as the summer, and this time the AV performer, Ayame, who was a little battered when he joined. [Scene1] The tall and stretched legs are beautiful. He said that his husband, a salaryman, did not make much money, and that his family was too hard to feed his children. She has been living for about five years since her fifth year of marriage, and has become dissatisfied with each other. If you needed money, there would have been other ways to make money, but the reason you chose AV there might be related to that. [Scene2] Ayame looks beautiful and erotic enough in her style, even with her clothes on. Take off it and try to get smooth white skin and get excited with big nipples on your boobs. It may be called self-proclaimed S and starts nipple licking and feels tech in how to attack. That's why we went to production while raising each other while changing the offense and defense. [Scene3] She seemed dissatisfied with the size of her husband's Ji-Po, but seems to be pleased with the actor's Ji-Po. When it is inserted, it spills out "feeling good" to squeeze it out, and it doesn't go so long after it starts moving and it looks like it's already alive. And the wife who keeps feeling until the finish ... It's too erotic.


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