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Takeshi Karaki stands up in order to fulfill the desire of a client who wants to have sexual intercourse with a close relative ... Voyeur for the entire incest plan! Coincidentally, the son who saw the Gonzo of his father and his mother-in-law was unable to suppress his inferiority to his mother-in-law, and asked Gogoze. The mother who was introduced by her son to the monitor of the newly opened massage store went to the operating table without doubt. When the sexual feeling is gradually stimulated and the waist is twisted, the eye mask and limbs are restrained and the powder gives a further pleasure. A mother who caressed her four arms and trembled without being aware of her son who was dressed as an assistant. The son's cock is inserted and the massage is pleasant! Taste the two meat sticks of the son and the staff without knowing the identity and ascension.

近親者と性行為をしてみたいと願う依頼者の望みを叶える為、唐木竹史が立ち上がる…近親相姦計画の全容を盗撮! 偶然にも父と義理の母のハメ撮りを見た息子は義母への劣情を抑えきれずゴーゴーズに依頼。新規オープンするマッサージ店のモニターを息子から紹介された母は疑いもせずに施術台へ。徐々に性感を刺激され腰をくねらせていると、アイマスクと手足拘束されパウダーでさらなる快感を与えられる。アシスタントに扮した息子にも気付くことなく4本の腕で愛撫され震えながら絶頂する母。息子の男根を挿入され「マッサージが気持ちいい!」とよがりまくり。正体を知らないまま息子とスタッフの2本の肉棒を味わい昇天。

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