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“The first time I watched AV was when I was small 2. I was secretly watching a video that my father hid ...” Kayo Iwasawa, 34 years old. A mother of a child who has been married for 8 years and usually works as a part of a distribution center. Kashiro, who has been more interested in sex than her classmates since childhood. Even now, AV seems to be often seen ... "Isn't all the AV actresses looking good? I was longing that the actor's technique was amazing." Sex with various men Mr. Kashiro says that he had an affair because he wanted to try it, but he said that a man who has sex like AV is unpleasant. “I have this, but I really don't like sex like imitating AV! That's a real actor, so I feel good.” Kashiro, who raises the shooting hurdle with Zubazuba. And then ... "Is it okay to say this ... I've been wondering whether the actress's acting is real or lie for many years (laughs)" Well, the world of AV that she longed for is really satisfying Is it! ?


by JavFast, Javfinder