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SM Lesbian Torture · slave urination · leak tied up · bondage sample videos Product number: bban 240 "It looks like you need a lot of preparation for the teacher," the beautifully elegant Lady Miyu invited a female student to the "preparation club," and was conducting female training on a daily basis. Miki, a female teacher who accidentally saw her, is made her target of de S .... Thorough and classy lesbian training. Hemp rope ruled, beating, toy training, shame class, laundry scissors, penivan ellama, cleaning the pussy after the toilet, etc., while licking love liquid while hanging up love juice and being controlled by the climax SM

レズ 調教・奴隷 放尿・お漏らし 縛り・緊縛 サンプル動画 品番: bban240 「どうやら先生には、たっぷりとお仕置きが必要のようですね」美しく気品溢れるお嬢様みゆは、女生徒を『お仕置き倶楽部』へと招き、日常的に雌調教を行っていた。偶然見てしまった女教師みきも、ドSな彼女の標的にされ…。徹底的かつ上品なレズ調教。麻縄緊縛、鞭打ち、玩具調教、羞恥授業、洗濯バサミ、ペニバンイラマ、トイレ後のマンコ掃除など、エスカレートするお仕置きに愛液を垂らしながら絶頂し支配されてゆく

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