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"The Eikawa of Gachi". In order to investigate its true intention, we will draw out various Eikawa rivers. There was a way of defeating a certain documentary there. The gap between on and off is still a professional reason. She called erogenous ears, as soon as the switch turned on, erotic explosion came up. Sensitivity is excellent, she is seriously loving her sex and she can not see usually because of exquisite sense of distance is surely there.

「ガチの栄川」。私たちはその真意を調べるにあたりいろいろな栄川乃亜を引き出す事に。そこには某ドキュメンタリー顔負けの流儀がありました。オンとオフのギャップはやはりプロたる所以。耳が性感帯という彼女は、スイッチが入ると途端にエロ度爆上がり。感度良好、チ●ポ大好きな彼女の本気SEXや絶妙な距離感により普段では見ることのできない乃亜ちゃんがきっとそこにはいます。 by JavFast, Javfinder