In order to do "AV actors and gokon" for female college students who met with the application, have beautiful women who go to the same university come and hold luxurious cruising ☆ When the climax is higher than ordinary shops, the tension is higher and girls' expectations are also MAX! As the drink progresses, the king game starts → The kiss of the AV actor makes me feel naughty, and everyone enters into a big orgy that is inspired to be inspired ... The swimsuit gal was choro! The ship is already in a chaotic state by licking the king's chico with four people in the sun or attacking toys with eight people and Tsumugi who is already shy is also squirting a lot when he stirs mako! The girls who are crazy about the huge chin that is pulled out many times are disturbed regardless of the normal position, standing back and posture, finally bukkake on a neat face and finish ♪ Swinging on a ship while swapping opponents and swinging by a man Keep an eye on the development that is too erotic