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An 18-year-old Rumi who has just been released from studying for an exam. She is a young lady who attends high school, and her seriousness is growing up from a long skirt, but she is really interested in H! When I put my hands in thick stockings and rubbed my ass directly, it was a ridiculous muzzly mushy girl who dripped a lot of man juice. As a result of continuing to keep the young body that pierces the cock in an inexperienced vagina hole with a continuous demon piston endlessly with a continuous demon piston, it is crazy about pushing a breast and it gets a deep kiss & a big hold, a sex-loving delinquent girl (Laughs)

試験勉強から解放されたばかりの18才 るみちゃん。進学校に通うお嬢様で、長めのスカートから育ちの良さがにじみ出るTHE真面目ちゃんですが、本当はHに興味津々!分厚いストッキングに手を差し込んで直接お尻をモミモミしてあげるとマン汁だくだく大量に垂れ流すとんでもないムッツリどすけべ娘でした。経験の浅い膣穴にチ○ポを突き立てガクガク絶頂する幼い身体を連続鬼ピストンで延々とイカせ続けた結果、おっぱい押し付け夢中でディープキス&だいしゅきホールドまでしてくる、SEX大好き非行少女にしてしまいました(笑)

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