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Discover the finest Korean style customs in Korea! / A sign of an obscene esthetic found in a building in a corner of downtown Korea. The Japanese menu says, "I don't think kissing or body touch is OK. SEX is bad." (??) The uncle who speaks broken Japanese brought a nervous, neat and clean Naun! "Ecchiha, Damedesyo" "Doshitemodesyo" and stubbornly resist and burn! Bikunbikun and convulsions with cunnilingus from armpit licking that gives shame! Raise your hips with intense fingering and cum! When the switch is turned on, it will be easy to agree with "Iyo"! "Omiseniha fox" is a mochi Ron!

韓国現地で極上の韓流風俗嬢を発見!/韓国の繁華街の一角にあるビル内で発見したあやしいエステの看板。日本語のメニューには「キス、ボディタッチ大丈夫 SEXはダメだと思います」(??)片言の日本語を話すおじさんが連れてきたのは、緊張気味の清楚系美人ナウンさん!「エッチハ、ダメデスヨ」「ドウシテモデスヨ」と頑なに抵抗するから燃える!辱めを与えるワキ舐めからのクンニでビクンビクンと痙攣!激しい手マンで腰を上げて絶頂!スイッチが入れば「イイヨ」とあっさりSEX了承!「オミセニハヒミツネ」モチのロンです!

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