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Naoko-san (39), who is a flower teacher, volunteered to appear on AV. The reason for appearing is “frustration” because sexlessness with her husband has continued for 8 years. In this filming, she seems to have been swayed to the extent that she can say, “I'm sorry for (husband), but it ’s bad that I do n’t do it.” I haven't had an affair until now, and I usually used to masturbate, but the balance has been lost due to stress in childcare. Naoko, who has always enjoyed taking photos during the interview and has always smiled and smiling, what kind of figure will you show in SEX for the first time in 8 years? [Recommended for those who come to this word! ] Glasses Girls / Nasty Married Woman / Beautiful Blow Job / Stockings Break / Three Continuous SEXs That Can Not Be Satisfied at One Time / Best Titty Fuck With Mom / Two Consecutive Cum Cumshots / Semen Bukkake.


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