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A shrine maiden who applied for filming for LuxuTV, saying, “I have no chance to have sex with men.” Tomoka teaches studying for elementary school students at a school in Tokyo. The neat appearance and gentle personality make the students popular and the job is fulfilling. On the other hand, since I broke up with my boyfriend three years ago, I had a lonely private life without the opportunity to meet a man. When the interview ends and the production begins, Tomoka-san who has a firm expression from tension. However, there is a gentle lead of the actor, and there is room for expression. Take a pose and clothes that stick out beautiful peach buttocks and shoot a plump breast close up, this time you take off your clothes and touch the skin directly, the nipple will rise up and shake the body for a pleasant taste to taste after a long reaction Show me. In addition, the secret area wrapped in black lingerie is moist and wet, and if you lick and caress your tongue from the clitoris, you can soak up the expression of the frog and immerse yourself in pleasure. If you hold the cock in front of you, you can enjoy the taste of the man by deeply chewing with your mouth full, slowly inserting it into a secret place wet with caress, and leaking a tall aegi, you will feel comfortable is. If you change your posture and hit the back again and again, your vagina will be tightened. Please enjoy this edition of Tomoka, who will satisfy the sexual desire that she has always wanted to enjoy with the shooting of Luxury TV.


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