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Even if the work is hard, I can work hard because my wife, fast beauty, will wait at home as well. Today when I inform you that the pay rise has been decided, a cute person who willingly gladly is tempted to casually stand on the kitchen with a naked apron. I hugged my husband, who can not bear patience, from behind, and overwhelmed my husband 's cock during my agony! No matter how tired you were, only the crotch always hung the body with Bing's husband with lotion covered and loved each other with loving liquid feeling. Please see this work that recorded the ideal wife's quick beauty that heal both husband and mind both mentally and physically, that she became her husband.

仕事がどんなに辛くても頑張れるのは、家で僕の妻速美もなが待っててくれるから。 今日は昇給が決まったことを伝えると、嬉しそうに喜んでくれる可愛いもなが、裸エプロンでキッチンに立ってさりげなく誘惑しています。我慢ができるはずもない夫に後ろから抱きつかれて、悶えながら夫の肉棒に食らいつく!どんなに疲れていても股間だけはいつもビンビンの夫とローションまみれで身体をすりよせ、愛液垂らしまくりの気持ちいセックスで愛し合うのでした。夫を心身ともに癒す理想の奥さん速美もなを収録したこちらの作品、彼女の旦那になった気持ちでご覧ください。

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