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Sumire Kurokawa does not proceed to think the writing of the latest work was the writing work in the doubles as a library looking for material. A big fan of Momoka Kato of violet librarians that happened by chance there. Violet who knew it would have gotten delicious Momoka of the body of pushy blood of lesbian mid commotion .... Momoka of Straight is worry, but .... Sumire Kurokawa × Momoka Kato popular of two people of the rich Rezudorama!

最新作の執筆が思うように進まない黒川すみれは資料探しも兼ね図書館で執筆作業をしていた。そこに偶然いあわせた図書館司書の加藤ももかはすみれの大ファン。それを知ったすみれはレズビアンの血が騒ぎ半ば強引のももかの身体を美味しくいただいてしまう…。ノンケのももかは思い悩むが…。黒川すみれ×加藤ももか 大人気の二人の濃厚レズドラマ!

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