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At the end of the last train, this project goes to a pub, speaks to the girl who is still drinking and listens to girls' troubles and human patterns, and at last the project aims to bring home. ● Today 's drinking ⇒ Iroha - chan (22 years old), drinking friend ⇒ Nami - chan (28 years old). ① Today I would like to find a cute girl in Ikebukuro! ② Two people found in the second flight! Interview with Iroha chan & Nami-chan! They seem to have a relationship with a senior junior byte of former workplace. He used to work in a warehouse before. Iroha is not good at having something to do with people so much and seems to want to work quietly. Currently he works at a tofu factory and a rare workplace for young girls. ③ I parted with my boyfriend half a year ago and now I'm free Iroha. Absolutely older if you listen to the type of men you want to go to! And that. The first boyfriend of anything seemed to be the manager of a byte destination


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