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Cast: Tamaki Kurumi Yuzuki Yuka Sakisaka Hana Yuki Hayakawa Miki Tenki Yurina directed by: -- Series: A group of young women at a neighborhood association, a man is a king alone game with only me Manufacturer: Ienergy Label: IE NERGY! Genre: bride · young wife project nympho · hard system 3P · 4P harem Product number: 1iene 932 When participating in the meeting of the neighborhood association on behalf of my wife, in fact the wives were tea ceremonies where they discussed each other. If I thought that something was out of place, the king's game started and it became a step-by-step instruction, and the instructions of their wives also heat up. Overwhelmed by his wife 's erotic powers and a harem king' s game enters into a dangerous area! I get sleeping next to my wife, what will happen to me.

出演者: 玉木くるみ ゆずき結花 咲坂花恋 早川瑞希 天希ユリナ 監督: —- シリーズ: 町内会の若妻の集まりで男はボク1人だけの王様ゲーム メーカー: アイエナジー レーベル: IE NERGY! ジャンル: 花嫁・若妻 企画 淫乱・ハード系 3P・4P ハーレム 品番: 1iene932 妻の代理で町内会の会合に参加したら、実は奥様たちがグチを言い合うお茶会だった。何か場違いだと思っていたら王様ゲームが始まって段々エッチな命令になっていき奥様達の命令もヒートアップ。奥様のエロパワーに圧倒されハーレム状態の王様ゲームは危険な領域へと突入!隣の奥さん寝取ちゃって、俺どうなる事やら。

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